I love to read books level 1.0
Jack's map
Sick day
Tick toc
big trucks
What a mess
Kate's frames
Mike rides
Rosa's note
The flut's tune
Huge ice cubes
Pete and Eve
Gram, Grace,Greg
Page goes
Ann & Smudge
Flip's clay
Beth and Seth
What's in the sea
Swish. swish
Power pitchers
Blain & paige
Sunday trip
The flower
The ground
Let's tree
Seals & seagulls
Love vacation
Space station
Painting picts
Pasture creatures
Clarks garden
Nort's porch
Chore before
Trent pretends
Shrimp boats
Hidden trunck
Joan's boat
Eveything grows
Ben Badger
Sister's & brothers
My dog twinkles
Willie and the puppy
Billy Skip

Levels 1.5  - 5.0

Lost & Found Little Engine Snorkeling I Love Cats
The Lunchroom Sacagawea Celebrating The Mask Makers
Mullan Grandma's Table Henry and the Fox Robocat
The Waterfall The Doorbell Rang Fox be Nimble Rock to Road
Keeping Quilt Strikeout H & M first book Josefina story
OOPS! Owl at home Angel Child Arthur's toothAnthony Reynoso
Anthony Reynoso Detective D Gila Monster H & M Sparkle
Dancing Rainbows Mr. P & T Bake Mr. P & T Pour Space case
Talking Cloth Best seat in 2nd grade Three cheers Arthur's prizeDogzilla
Dogzilla Frog and Toad One foot
Iceberg Rescue Mysterious Giant The Puppy Boy Harry
The Turtle Abdul Gasazi Chair for Mother Barn Dance
New Coat Raising Dragons First American Friend Digging up
Granfather T Sophie Skates Blaze Mufaro's
Kapiti Plain Golden Land Just Forgot Luna
Upside down Night of the Pufflins Brothers forever H & M Cousin
Green Thumb Seal Surfer
Tall Tony A Mother
Amelia B Two messy friends Buttlerflies Fish Faces
H & M Starry 2 Days in May Thanks Amelia Fluffy
Weaver's giftv Cloth to Flag Jamaica & B Dragon of K
Across the dark Lonely Dragon Valencia Harry & Whatsit
H & M in Puddle Poppleton Poppleton 2 Ymni & Halmoni
The Dive Golden land Owl & cat A carrot in my ear
Whistle Willie Frog and Toad Going West Trapped by Ice
H & M Bedtime H & M Best Day Pepita Talks Twice Arrow
The bad Puppy Poppa's New Pants There was a tree H & M & Annie
Lonely dragon Ramona Quimby