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LOST AND FOUND         Power Point          Top of the page       Go Back Home

Week 1

      Trout                     a type of fish
      Digit                      number symbol

      Equal to                 134=134

      Expanded form      500+30+4

      Fantasy                  not real

      Greater than           5>3

      Less than               7<9

      Mystery                 unknown

Week 2

      Standard form       13,456700

      Word form            one-hundred

      Strategy                 special way
Situations              problems

      Adventure             new, exciting

      Astonished            very surprised

      Claim                     land owned

      Comrades              friends

Week 3

    Traces          evidences

    triumphant  winner

    unusual        strange

    visible:          able to be seen
    worried:        concerned or anxious
    fez:               cone shaped hat, flat top
    plunged:       fell quickly and suddenly
    directions:    how to go someplace
    examined:    looked at or studied carefully
    armor:          metal body covering for war
    unusual:       not common or ordinary

Week 4

    Tassel         fancy cord

    lectured     scolded

    furiously    very angrily
    dismayed   worried                 
    suggested:   offered a possible solution
    burgundy:   purplish-red in color
    furious:       really angry
    lectured:     scolded or warned
    situations:   sets of conditions
    dismay:      very sad
    rumpled:    wrinkled or creased

BALLAD OF MULAN          Power Point          Top of the page       Go Back Home
Week 5
    sorrowful:    very sad
    sighs:             long deep breaths
    invaders:       enemy attackers
    troops:          soldiers
    draft:            selection of people to serve in the army
    scrolls:          rolls of paper with writing
    frail:             weak
    bridle:          straps, bit & reins of horse
    armor:         metal body covering
    farewell:      good bye
    dusk:            the time of evening just before dark
    harsh:          extremely unpleasant
    endured:      put up with resist, continue
    ravaged:      violently destroyed
    victorious:    having won by defeating another

THE WATERFALL          Power Point          Top of the page       Go Back Home
Week 6
    furious:       really angry
    boulders:     large, rounded rocks
    canyon:       a deep valley with steep walls and running water
    cauldron:    a large pot used for boiling
    ledges:        flat spaces like shelves on the sides of cliffs
    rapids:         a group of small waterfalls in a river
    scouted:      observed or explored carefully for information
    sheer:          very steep
    creek:          a small stream
    banks:         the river's edges
    poison oak: a plant causing a rash
    tumbling:     falling and rolling

Week 7
   diamond:     a crystal-like gemstone
    slippery:      causing one to slide
    clung:          held tightly to
    snuggled:    curled up in
    rustle:         a soft, fluttering sound
    bonfire:      a large outdoor fire
    rhubarb:     a reddish-green plant stalks that are cooked and eaten.
    scrawny:    thin and bony; skinny
    anxious:     feeling nervous or afraid
    triumph:     a great success or victory
    souvenir:    an item kept as a reminder
    lugged:       carried with great difficulty
    sculpture:   a figure made from stone
    babushka:   shawl, covering
    sewn:          fasten by stitching
    scraps:        left over pieces
    linen:          bed sheets, tablecloths

KEEPING QUILT         Power Point          Top of the page       Go Back Home
Week 8
    strut:               walk in an proud way
    glimpse:          a very quick look
    unfortunate:    unlucky
    custom:           a typical practice tradition
    hauling:           pulling or dragging
    artificial:          not real, fake
    needles:          thin tool used for sewing
    threaded:        passed string through a needle
    challah:          Russian bread
    handkerchief: a cloth to clean the nose
    poverty:          not having much. Poor
    bouquet:         a bunch like flowers
    gathering:       a meeting, reunion
    lacquer:          shiny paint for furniture
    unique:           not a copy, one of a kind
    metallic:         looking metal finish
    border:           the outside edge
    huppa:            a Jewish canopy
    region:            a piece of land, area

ANTONY REYNOSO          Power Point          Top of the page       Go Back Home
Week 9
    tapering:      getting narrower
    pillar:           tall narrow column
    memorial:    building to remember
    granite:        hard stone to build
    federal:        national
    wreath:        circle of leaves or flowers
    dappled:      spotted, mottled
    rodeo:          cowboys sports event
    charro:         Mexican cowboy
    celebrity:      famous person
    petroglyphs: old rock carvings
    ceremonies:  acts to honor an event
    pitch in:        join to work
    exhibition:    display or show
    expert:          trained knowledgeable
    perform:       present a talent or skill
    impaired:      damaged or reduced
    meet:            athletic competition

TALKING CLOTH         Power Point          Top of the page       Go Back Home
Week 10
    meet:                athletic competition
    International:    involves several countries   
    impaired:          damaged or reduced
    grand finale:     spectacular ending
    pulsing:             throbbing
    dedication:         commitment to hard work
    sacrifice:            give up
    chiseled:            used a sharp tool to cut
    dabbed:             with short light strokes
    collector:            person who gathers things
    collection:         objects with similarities
    flourish:            waving motion, showy way
    royalty:             the king and his family
    embroided:       decorated by sewing
    symbols:           stands for an idea or thing
    wealth:              richness, plenty of money
    stunt:                get in the way, disrupt
    mocha:              coffee with cocoa and milk
    offend:              make someone feel bad
    grubby:              dirty
    pinstripe:           cloth with narrow stripes
    mortar & pestle: cup & stick to grind
    ingredients:       things needed for a recipe
    recipe:              directions for cooking
    shelled:             taken out of the shell

DANCING RAINBOWS          Power Point          Top of the page       Go Back Home
Week 11
    tuxedos:             men’s formal suits
    groundhog:        a woodchuck
    irritated:             angry or annoyed
    chittering:          chattering
    prophets:           those who predict future
    ancestors:          those our family comes from
    elders:               older & wise people
    honor:               show special respect
    imitating:           copying what others do
    respect:              admiration or consideration
    plaza:                open area in downtown
    bustle:               decoration of material worn
    illegal:               against the law not allawed
    kivas:                indian worshiping place
    yelp:                 short sharp yell
    tassels:              loose threads hanging
    powwows:        indian meetings
    dazling:             impressive
    arch:                 curved like a rainbow

DOGZILA          Power Point          Top of the page       Go Back Home
Week 12
    colossal:          very big; enormous
    creature:          a living being, an animal
    heroic:             very brave or daring
    horrifying:       causing much fear
    monstrous:      extremely large; enormous
    terrifying:        causing much fear
    tremendous:    great, large, powerful
    irresistible:      difficult to stay away from
    ancient:           very old
    crater:             hole in the top of a volcano
    dreadful:         shocking, very unpleasant
    fiery:               very hot, like a fire
    etched:            clearly or firmly fixed
    confident:       feeling sure of oneself

    3rd Week in December: No vocabulary test

THE MISTERIOUS GIANT          Power Point          Top of the page       Go Back Home
Week 13
     Dumbstruck:       so shocked that one can't speak
    Square:                an open area in a town's center
    Sister:                  female members of a religious group
    Strode:                walked with long steps
    Bellowed:           spoke loudly and powerfully
    Weakling:           a person without strength or power
    Mysterious:         hard to explain
    Pedestal:             the base on which a statue stands
    Hailed:               greeted by a signaling or calling out to
    Scurried:             moved quickly
    Statue:                image of a person or animal, usually made of stone,

THE GARDEN OF ABDUL GAZASI          Power Point          Top of the page       Go Back Home
Week 14
    awesome:          causing a feeling of wonder, fear, and respect
    convinced:         made to do, believe, or feel certain about something
    disappeared:      passed out of sight; vanished
    discovered:        found; learned
    incredible:          too unlikely to be believed; astonishing or amazing
    impossible:         not able to happen or exist
    parlor:                a room where visitors are entertained
    exhausted:          very tired
    tremendous:       very large or powerful
    ignored:             paid no attention to
    galloped:            ran fast, like a horse
    blurted:              said suddenly and without thinking

RAISING DRAGONS           Power Point          Top of the page       Go Back Home
Week 15
    chores:          every day jobs at home
    perch:            place to sit or rest
    appetite:         a strong desire for food
    hitched:         fasten an animal to a machine
    plow:             to turn over dirt to plant seeds
    sown:            planted seeds
    tended:          took care of
    harvested:     picked and brought in a crop
    shelling:        removing outside covering
    atlas:             a book of maps
    farewell:       another word for good-bye
    departing:     leaving, going away

  Week 16
    creative           with ideas for something new
    impatient         can't wait
    mysterious      unknown
    offered            gave
    encourage       help to keep going
    ignored           not paid attention
    treat                something good to eat
    entertain          amuse, have fun
    selfish             thinking of one self
    cooperative     helpful
    cheerful          happy
    generous        one that gives things
    damage          hurt or destruction
    upset               kind of angry
    yelled              shout
    glad                happy
    breeze             wind
    hurt                pain
    ashamed        embarrassed
    resist              try to strop
    please             make someone happy
    no longer       put a stop
    jealous           have some envy
    succeeded      achieve
    frisbee           a flat plate to fly
    solve              solution
    faith               belief
    colossal          huge
    irresistible      can't stop or take
    tiny                small
Week 17
    monstrous     more than big
    awesome      wonderful
    heroic           of a hero
    impossible    can't be done
    authentic      real, not fake
    cowardly      done in a chicken way
    departing     leaving
    strongest      not weak
    inspiration    feeling to create something
    ancient          old
    discovered    found
    hitched         attached, linked
    harvested      fruit collected
    dumbstruck    very shocked
    tremendous    huge
    amazing       wonderful
    sown            put together by thread
    terrifying      scary
    tended          took care
    strode           big steps
    plowed         ready the ground to plant
    vanished      disappeared
    persuade      convince
    exhaust        very tired
    horrify         to scare a lot
    disappeared    vanished
    convince     get someone to agree
    incredible    not believable
    confident    sure
    bellowed    yelled

THE NIGHTS OF THE PUFLINS           Power Point          Top of the page       Go Back Home
 Week 18
    overlooking:          looking down on from above
    pant:                       breathe rapidly
    Quizzically:           in a puzzled way
    release:                  let go
    roaming:               wandering about with no plan
    scorpions:             animals related to spiders, with a poisonous sting
    scruffy:                 untidy, scabby, shabby
    speckled:              covered with small dots or spots
    spindly:                 thin and long and weak looking
    stranded:               left in a helpless or difficult position
    stray:                    wandering and lost
    streaked:               lined, marked, smeared
    stubby:                 short and broad; looking cut-off, like stubs
    tarantulas:             large, tropical, stinging spiders

Week 19
     uninhabited:          having no people living there
    venture:                to set out to do something even dangerous
    instinctively:         acting on an inner feeling, without thinking
    ashore:                 on or to the shore (from the water)
    Chaparral:            hot, dry summers, cool winters, tangled, thorny shrubs
    chilly:                   cold, cool
    fledglings:            young bird
    fledglings:            baby birds just learning to fly
    flutter:                  flap wings rapidly
    fringe:                  decorative border or edging
    glide off:              fly without moving wings
    launching:           sending up in the air
    limp:                    no structure or firmness; weak
    lunges:                 moves forward suddenly and forcefully
    morsel:                a small piece or tasty tidbit
    nestle:                 settle or press snugly and closely
    surf:                    where the wave breaks on shore

SEAL SURFER          Power Point          Top of the page       Go Back Home
 Week 20
    mussels:           a kind of shellfish that can be eaten
    scurry:              to run with light steps: to scamper
    suspect:            to believe without being sure
    predator:          an animal that eats other animals
    leeches:            worms, live in water and suck blood from other animals
    basked:             rested in pleasant warmth
    buffeted:           struck against powerfully
    horizon:            the line where the sky seems to meet the earth
    quay:                a dock where ships are loaded and unloaded
    surf:                  to ride on waves often on a surfboard
    swell:                a long wave that moves along without breaking

Week 21
    swooped:          moved with sudden sweeping motion
    molted:             shed the outer hair or skin
    panic:                to feel sudden fear
    flippers:             wide, flat, paddle-like limbs used for swimming
    reflection:          a picture made by a mirror or smooth water
    dissolved:          broken up disappeared
    reformed:           formed over again
    mountainous:    huge as big as a mountain
    wrenched;         ripped or torn away with great force
    elated:               very happy
    concentrated:    focused on directed his attention toward
    sensation:          something that is felt
    deserted:            empty and seemingly without life

TWO DAYS IN MAY          Power Point          Top of the page       Go Back Home
Week 22
    flutter:              to flap the wings and fly weakly
    permit:             written permission to do something a license
    appreciate:       to enjoy and understand
    grazing:           eating growing plants
    population:      number of people living in a place
    starve:              suffer of lack of food
    surroundings:   on all sides of
    territory:           an area of land
    wander:            to move from place to place without reason
    gasped:            caught your breath suddenly
    hooves:            the feet of certain animals like deer
    rumbled:          moved with a deep rolling sound
    recognized:      identify as knowing before
    landlord:          person who rents a building or property to someone

Week 23
    hushed:            calmed quiet
    protest:             gathering to fight for something thought wrong
    brow:               forehead
    stranded:          helpless
    anxiously:        in a worried way
    rotate:               to turn
    detect:               to discover, to find out
    habitat:              the natural place for a living thing
    draped:              covered loosely
    broad:               wide
    rusty:                old-looking covered with rust
    crates:               wooden boxes
    tranquilizer:      a drug used to calm a person or animal
    wobbled:          move unsteadily
    fawns:              deer less 1 year old
    flickering:         briefly flashing

   3rd Week in March: No Vocabulary Test, Spring Break

ACROSS THE WIDE DARK SEA         Power Point          Top of the page       Go Back Home
Week 24
    overboard:         over the side of a boat
    affection:            love; fondness
    agility:                quickness; ease in moving
    anchor:               heavy metal hook attached to a ship
    bonded:              became attached to
    cannons:             heavy guns set onto wheels
    cramped:            crowded; not enough room to move about
    deepened:          grew stronger and more intense
    defend:              to protect from attack
    deformity:          damaged part of something
    desperate:          driven by a great need
    endowed:          given a special talent or quality
    faith:                  trust or belief, even without proof
    furl:                   to roll up and fasten
    huddled:            crowded close together
    jack:                  a mechanical tool used to raise or move heavy objects
    journey:             a trip from one place to another

Week 25
    lurked:               stayed hidden
    miraculously:     amazingly; like a miraclever the side of the boat
    plucked:             snatched; pulled out
    rigging:              ropes, chains, and pulleys used to control the masts
    rough:                built in a hurry, not completely finished
    seeping:             slowly leaking, oozing
    settlement:          a small community
    shelter:               something that protects or covers
    shuddered:         trembled or shivered suddenly
    sprouting:          beginning to grow as new plants
    survive:              to stay alive; to hold up or withstand
    swamps:            areas of spongy, muddy land
    thatch-roofed:    a roof covered with straw or reeds
    uncanny:            mysterious; strange
    weary:               tired; needing rest
    Withdrew:         went off to be alone
    worship:            to take part in a religious ceremony

YUNMI & HALMONI’S TRIP          Power Point          Top of the page       Go Back Home
Week 26
    bustling:              full of activity; busy
    custom:               a tradition; a way of doing something that people follow
    foreigners:           people who come from a different country or place
    passport:              document that allows to travel in foreign countries
    sightseeing:         visiting interesting places; touring
    skyscrapers:        very tall buildings
    vendor:                someone who sells something
    Seoul:                   the capital city if South Korea
    nationals:             citizens from a particular nation or country
    embraced:            hugged
    ushered:               led by someone

Week 27
    ministers:              people who are in charge of government departments
    Chomsongdae:     Star Observatory, believed to be the oldest in Asia
    parasols:                umbrellas that provide shade from the Sun
    marinated:             soaked in Sauce or spices to add flavor
    dumplings:            pieces of dough,that you cook by steaming or boiling
    mandoo:               Korean term for'dumpling
    outskirts:               areas away from the center of town
    cat's cradle:           a traditional game played with sting
    tombstone:            a stone that marks wh'ere a dead person is buried
    blurted:                 said without thinking
    ashamed:              feeling sorry for doing something wrong
    selfish:                  being mainly interested in yourself rather than others

TRAPPED BY ICE          Power Point          Top of the page       Go Back Home
Week 28   
    fever:              great excitement about something
    route:              a path for getting form one place to another
    toddlers:         very small children who have just learned to walk
    oxen:               adult male cattle
    penned:            kept inside; closed in
    narrow:            uncorfontably close: almost unsuccessful
    fever:               very high body temperature
    horizon:            the line where the earth and the sky meet
    delay:               wait until later to do something
    rations:              supplies, usually food, that are limited
    hulk:                  body of old wrecked ships; something large and clumsy
    standed:             trapped or stuck in a difficult situation
    startled:             surprised alarmed or shocked
    stern:                 the rear part of a ship or boat
    tremble:             to shake or shiver
    skipper:             captain
    executing:         carring out or doing
    barren:               having little plant or animal life
    sledge:               a sled to carry loads across snow and ice
    harnessed:          wearing straps attatched to a vehicle as a sled or plow
    current:              the path or flow of moving water, such as a river or sea
    scarce:               not enough
    lunged:              moved forward suddenly
    stalking:             moving secretly while tracking prey
    sapped:              weakened
    floes:                 large sheets of floating ice
    grueling:           very tiring
    crevasse:          deep hole or crack
    savage:             wild

Week 29
    furiously:          violently
    dehydration:     sickness caused by not having enough water
    quench:            to satisfy
    exhausting:      very tiring
    jagged:            ragged, full of parts sticking up and out
    pitched:            put up
    deserted:          empty: not lived in, or having few or no people
    permanent:       meant to last for a long time
    hut:                  small simple house or shelter
    cramped:          crowded
    wick:                the cord that burn on a candle or a lamp
    frigate birds:     a type of sea bird
    rancid:              having nasty smell or taste
    tiller:                 part used to steer a boat
    impact:              crash
    bailed:               got water out of a boat by filling containers and emptying
    hull:                   the body or frame of a ship or boat
    capsizing:          turning bottom side up
    dimly:                not seen easily or clearly
    miraculously:    amazingly; seemimngly impossibly
    temporary:        lasting for only a short time
    albatross:           a large sea bird
    terrain:               land ground or earth
    impassable:       not able to be crossed or travelled trough
    summit:             the highest point
    gamble:             a risky action
    makeshift:         something used temporaryly in place for something else
    perilious:           very dangerous
    reckless:            not careful or cautios
    torrents:             violent, fast moving streams of liquid

PEPITA TALKS TWICE           Power Point          Top of the page       Go Back Home
Week 30
    ashamed:           feeling embarrased or guilty
    bustle:                move arround quickly in an exciting way
    large-petaled:    with big petals
    relief:                 feeling of comfort after being worried
    ducked:              lower one's head and body to avoid being seen by others
    language:           spoken or written human speech
    mumbled:          said softly and unclearly
    darte:                 moved suddenlt and very quickly
    muzzled:            rubbed gently
    tiptoed               walked quietly

POPPA’S NEW PANTS          Power Point          Top of the page       Go Back Home
Week 31
    draped:               hung loosely in folds
    fabric:                cloth
    hem:                   to fold back and sew down the edges
    mended:             repaired by sewing
    pattern:               a repeated design or decoration
    plaid:                  a pattern of stripes that cross each other
    rustling:               a quick, soft, fluttering sound
    uproar:                noisy excitement and confusion
    bust a gusset:      to be excited or upset enough to burst
    plum worn out:   very tired
    brother-in-law:    the man who is married to your sister
    arthritis:               soreness and swelling in the body
    pallet:                  narrow, hard bed or mattress
    crouched:            sat low to the ground
    wheezed:             breathed hard with a whistling sound
    mustering:          gathering together
    dozed off:           fell into a light sleep
    armadillo:           animal with hard shell, may roll up into a ball if attacked
    limbs:                  arms and legs
    haunting:             visiting; appearing to someone
    scurried:              moved around hurriedly
    sanctuary:           the main room of a place of worship
    knickers:            short, loose pants gathered below the knee

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Week 32
    whirlwind:        air that is spinning very fast
    dozing:              napping
    stirred:               moved
    tore:                   noved very fast:rushed
    ceaseless:           not stopping
    companionabe:  friendly
    discouraged:      having no hope or happiness
    dismal:               gloomy
    dreary:               gloomy
    exhausted:         very tired
    pelting:              beating against
    sullenly:             angrily; not happily; gloomily

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